Treaty Six Territory, Alta. – As Albertans grapple with the rising cost of living and a housing crisis, Jodi Calahoo Stonehouse is serious about making life more affordable for Albertans. As candidate for the Alberta NDP Leadership,  Calahoo Stonehouse announced  the reform of the Alberta Royalty Formula so that when the price of oil goes above $70 per barrel, royalty rates will increase and the Alberta Royalty Dividend would require that a share of profits be returned directly to Albertans as resource owners and that investments are made in innovation and new growth in Alberta to diversify the economy. 

“Albertans must act like resource owners. This means that in addition to royalty revenues, we must also see sustained well-paid jobs, investment in innovation, and the cleanup of abandoned wells and tailings,” said Calahoo Stonehouse.

“It’s about making life more affordable for Albertans and also ensuring Alberta remains competitive across the global market,” said Calahoo Stonehouse. “Oil and gas profits have grown by tens of billions of dollars in recent years due to geopolitical forces outside Alberta. But under this UCP government, Albertans are not benefitting from this growth in the ways they should be.”

“It is unfathomable that the UCP continue to force Albertans to choose between paying for a roof over their heads or putting food on the table,” continued Calahoo Stonehouse, “The Alberta Royalty Dividend puts money directly back into the pockets of hard working Albertans while safeguarding our shared future. When we prioritize investments in the province, we are investing in our people, and that’s what responsible government does.” 

Further to this announcement, the Alberta MLA and leadership candidate pledges a core commitment to the First Nations, Inuit and Metis peoples of Alberta. Calahoo Stonehouse says she will begin necessary work with First Nations on the Natural Resource Transfer Agreement in the spirit of reconciliation to facilitate an equitable framework for resource revenue sharing.

“Alberta is a province full of possibility and I reject the idea that our current situation is the best we can do. It’s time for the UCP to quit preventing innovative solutions that position Alberta as a global leader. I wholeheartedly believe that implementing the Alberta Royalty Dividend is a fundamental step in securing our shared future for years to come.” For more information on Jodi Calahoo Stonehouse, or to explore her platform, visit